Hi! I’m Pat Flynn – professional blogger and online entrepreneur from The Smart Passive Income Blog.

Before I started doing business online in 2008, I had a job at an architecture firm. In that job, I did two things:

  1. Drafting with AutoCAD; and
  2. Designing with Photoshop

AutoCAD isn’t particularly useful for blogging and online business, but I found that as I began to grow my business, my Photoshop experience was extremely valuable.

Being able to quickly create logos, banner ads, eBook covers, social media backgrounds and everything else saved me a lot of time and money.

If you have the resources, hiring a virtual assistant or graphic designer to do design work for you is a good idea, but even then there can be a lot of back and forth and frustration when trying to have someone else on the other side of the world design the graphics that you want right now.

And this is why I created this site – to help those of you who can’t afford a graphic designer, or those of you who just simply can’t wait for things to get done by someone else.

My easy to follow, step by step tutorials will save you time and money so you can move on with your business and stop worrying about the graphics.

Thanks and all the best to you.


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